ASP.NET Photo Suite

ASP.NET Photo Suite is a complete solution with hundreds of features along with source code (c#, that can help you to build professional, responsive, portable, customizable, light social photo sharing and management solution on the fly. It can be used as a standalone photo sharing website or can be use with every type of solutions that require photos as core part e.g real estate, classified, e-commerce, deal listings, blogging and more.


ASP.NET Photo Suite has been built from hundreds of features. List of main feature includes.
  • Bootstrap 3.20 ready more than 15 beautiful and responsive themes
  • Professional facebook style photo uploader that can allow you to upload unlimited photos at once.
  • Create and manage photo albums
  • Store photos, locally or on cloud storage (built-in support for amazon s3 storage
  • Youtube style user my-account management that can help users to manage their own contents, settings and profile data
  • Professional user public channels with facebook style activities and share posts
  • Advance control panel with hundreds of features to control website settings, feature customization and management of user uploaded contents
  • Generate thumb for listing, mid-thumb for blog / album / photo profile preview
  • Professional photo preview with multiple photo resize and download options.
  • Professional photo album preview
  • Action module with like, dislike, add to favorites, abuse report, share, download and other options
  • Professional youtube style website own comment application or support for third party (e.g disqus comment app)
  • Fully customizable photo listing modules with complete SDK
  • Support for ajax oriented photo listings with custom options
  • Multi-level parent, child category management with customizable options
  • Tag clouds management
  • Advertisement management from control panel
  • Mark photos as
  • Wallpaper
  • Editor Picked
  • Adult Oriented
  • Mark albums as
  • Normal
  • Featured
  • Premium, if packages supported
  • Full membership management including support for facebook signup / login
  • List photos in variety of ways including
  • Main listings
  • Today, this week, this month added photos
  • Today, this week, this month viewed photos
  • Archive photos based on month, year
  • List photos based on categories, tags or broad search terms
  • and more
  • Private messaging board
  • Professional mail templates management
  • Advance error logging and reporting management
  • Support advance auto content screening and encryption script
  • Abuse and spam reporting
  • More than 20 international language support for user interface
  • Adult content management and warning system.
  • Support for google and bing sitemap submission url.
  • IP Ban management
  • User and search engine friendly urls
  • Features can be on / off with one click from control panel.
  • Professional user channels with social connectivity
  • and lots more
  • Data Access Layer

    ASP.NET Photo Suite support three data access layers with separate bundles including
  • NHibernate
  • Entity Framework
  • Current build have support for ADO.NET, will update our detail here once released kit with new data access version.


    ASP.NET photo suite built using both web form and mvc technology
  • Web Form (Current Version)
  • MVC (Under final stages)
  • Database

    ASP.NET photo suite support the following database management system.
  • SQL Server (SQL SERVER 2012 default)
  • MySQL (contact with our supported to get compatible plugin)