ASP.NET vUploader

ASP.NET vUPloader is a complete solution with progressional ajax uploading script that can help you upload and publish videos and audio files in real time using web form / mvc applications. It have built-in support with open source ffmpeg utility that can allow you to perform / process any type of ffmpeg commands to publish any format video or audio file.


Main features include
  • Professional ajax uploader for uploading multiple videos in one step.
  • Advance script to publish all uploaded videos concurrently one after another.
  • Background video / audio processing
  • Get encoding status and update progress activity in real time.
  • Both 1 pass, 2 pass encoding supported
  • Can execute can type of ffmpeg commands.
  • Have support for additional utility e.g mp4box for setting meta information to mp4 videos.
  • Bootstrap 3.0 built-in support for user interface
  • Real time video uploading and publishing.
  • Easy to configure and use in your applications.
  • Note:

    This uploader uses ffmpeg as core utility for publishing videos. we recomment it to use latest ffmpeg build from Also ffmpeg process require full trust environment.