Crafted Live Polls Pro

Quick start guide

Crafted Polls is a php/ajax based Polls System that is lightweight and very efficient in terms of resources used and page load, as it uses a smart technique for retrieving new polls only so it doesn’t affect the traffic, in addition to the ability to switch off realtime polls retrieval to save server resources on slow servers. Crafted Polls offers a very professional admin panel that comes with a dashboard to add,edit and delete polls, as well as statistics page to view each poll statistics by country or answers, in addition to a settings page that allows you to customize the look of the poll (color, size, location on screen) and choose between baloon style polls and static polls that will be a child of an element in your page. This item works as follows: (each step will be explained in details later in the manual)
  1. Copying The plugin files to your website.
  2. Importing the Database to your mysql phpmyadmin
  3. Adding The HTML head AND body parts (1 line of code each) to activate the plugin on each page you want it to be applied on.
Crafted Polls Offers:
  • ajax based.
  • statistics by answers and countries
  • ability to switch on/off realtime retrieval of new polls
  • fully customize look through admin panel
  • easy installation.
  • choose between baloon style polls or static polls that will be a child of an element in your page
  • Installation Steps

    As easy as: <?php include "livepolls/inc/head-include.php" ?> Also for each page you will have to add the following lines of code at the desired place in the BODY section in the html page. (Note: your page should be .php not .html you can change that by just renaming ur page to [page-name].php) <?php include "livepolls/inc/body-include.php" ?>