Digi Online Tutor/Trainings Management System

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URL http://mdev.digitalvidhya.com/dts/
  1. Admin ( Email: admin@admin.com, Pass: admin123 )
  2. Student ( Email: student@student.com, Pass: student123 )
  3. Tutor ( Email: tutor@tutor.com, Pass: tutor123 )

Admin Features

  • User Management
  • Leads Management
  • Communication Management
  • Subjects Management
  • Locations Management
  • Package Management
  • Testimonials Management
  • Content Management
  • Master Settings
  • Reports
  • Tutor Features

  • Communication Management
  • Subjects Management
  • Location Management
  • Teaching type Management
  • Package Management
  • Leads Management
  • Approve or block student reviews
  • Subscription history
  • Profile settings
  • Student Features

  • Post requirement
  • Search tutor with multiple attributes
  • Messaging system
  • Packages
  • Tutor Watch List
  • Profile Settings
  • Reports for subscription history
  • Description

    The DTS is one stop solution for Tutors and Students for their teaching and learning requirements. This system gives tutors to find the student requirements based on their subject and location , and as same student can find tutors by a simply posting their requirement online. The communication management between tutors and students can be made easy with this system.
    1. Admin maintains the site with list of subjects and locations with different packages for students and tutors
    2. Tutor gets registered with this site by giving the information of his interested list of subjects, interested list of locations with expected fee
    3. Student gets registered with this site by giving his contact information.
    4. Students and Tutors will get registered as a Free or Premium users. Both gets free credits(no. of credits set by admin) getting registered with this site.
    5. Free Students can post requirement with subject, location, duration, budget details. They can also search tutors according to their requirements. They can find the list of tutors and can view the contact details of Premium Tutors but they cannot view the contact details of Free Tutors. If they want to view the Free tutor contact details they need to pay and get the credits. In Search always Premium Tutors list displayed first.
    6. The requirements(Leads) posted by students are viewed by tutors with the hidden contact information of student. If tutor wants to view lead, tutor need to pay for the lead (need to become Premium Tutor). If the posted lead is premium lead only Premium Tutors can view that lead for free as it is already paid by the student.
    7. Full fledged messaging system
    8. Bonus credits for students and tutors for registering, posting testimonials and reviews & ratings to tutors. Once the review/testimony gets approved by tutor/admin, they will get bonus credits as set by admin. Those credits can be used to view full profiles of students/tutors.
    Benefits of Premium Tutor Benefits of Premium Student 1) The profile will be displayed first in search. 1) The posted requirements are displayed first in search 2) Any Student can view tutor contact information for free so the tutor gets students 2) Premium tutors can view the Leads for free 3) Tutor can view premium leads for free 3) He can view any tutor contact information and profile as per his credits available.