eCalendar - AJAX Events Calendar

Are you looking to upload events in a clean and friendly calendar?
Then this is what you need!

We believe in the simplicity of data management. It should be as clear as its visual design; hence the script we developed gives you the opportunity to schedule your company’s events in a beautifully designed calendar. Not for a company? No problem, maybe you are a person who is looking to be better organized. Therefore, eCalendar allows you to add endless amounts of events to any date in just few seconds. You can set why, when and where the event will take place.

What about the main features?

  • Clean and Friendly Design – built with Twitter Bootstrap framework
  • Easy implementation – only drag 2 files into your website (no need to code!)
  • Comes with a web-based installer for backend installation
  • Cross Browser compatibility (IE8+, Safari, Opera, Chrome, Firefox)
  • Fully Responsive Design (mobiles, tablet, desktop)
  • Documentation included in the package
  • Events are saved in your MySQL database. Don´t worry about creating the tables – the script will do it for you!
  • Any inquiry, we’ll answer you within 24 hours
  • What features do i have as the admin?

  • Add/Edit/Delete/Search events easily from the control panel
  • Create new events directly from the calendar
  • Configure settings
  • Upload limitless events on every date
  • Choose between the Modern and Classic design
  • Set up Sunday or Monday as the first weekday!
  • Choose time format: Standard (0-12hs AM/PM) or Military (0-24hs)
  • Sort events by year and month from the control panel
  • Technologies used:

    1. Javascript/jQuery/AJAX
    2. HTML5/CSS3
    3. PHP/MySQL


    The admin account is already settled (Username: admin – Password: admin). Note that the “Control Panel” button is only visible to everyone on the demo – the same with the “+Add” button.


    Version 1.2.0 – January 1, 2015 * Code optimization * Added some elements
    Version 1.1.8 – December 17, 2014 * Code optimization/improvements * Script size/loading time reduced * Fixed a bug with the date while adding an event directly from the calendar
    Version 1.1.6 – December 16, 2014 * Validation form bug fixed * Time formatting issues fixed * Minor fixes
    Version 1.1 – December 10, 2014 * Added time format option: Standard time (0 - 12 hours) or Military time (0 -24 hours)