Elegant Full CSS3 Slider

Elegant slider is created by using CSS3 and HTML5 elements only. It is simple slider which allow you add as many as images as you want. It works on all major browsers. It has a Tooltip on the image in slider where you can add text. It has Left and Right navigation which use to navigate the slider and also small dots beneath a slideshow that serve pagination. It does not use of Javascript or Jquery, so it does not slow your website as it’s only use CSS3. This slider tested on IE9+, Mozilla 8+, Chrome 16+, Safari 5+ and Opera 11+


  • Simple and elegant interface
  • Cross Browser compabilitly
  • Add more or less images
  • Add text on Tooltip
  • Easy implementation
  • Customize the design of Slideshow
  • Navigation Control
  • Instruction Pdf Available