Files 4 Client Pro - Easy File Transfer

Files 4 Client Pro is a simple and elegant solution
to share your files professionally!

You would like to send files from your own webspace but the ugly default directory index is just not representative for your company? With Files 4 Client Pro you can upload your files and folders conveniently from inside the browser and the script automatically generates a well-arranged list from it that you can share with others. This is an ideal solution for companies or freelancers who need to send their files to customers that are too big to be sent by email. With Files 4 Client Pro you have full control over your files and offer your recipients a convenient and professional interface to deal with them.
You don’t need in browser upload functionality? Have a look at Files 4 Client Basic


  • Powerful admin backend
  • Upload your files conveniently from inside the browser
  • Manage your files – view, rename and delete them with ease
  • Have full control over your files as they’re not hosted remotely
  • Send your recipients well-arranged and easy to use lists of files and folders
  • Let your recipients zips all files of a folder for download if requested
  • Automatically deletes old folders after a specified amount of time if wanted to save server space
  • Optional password protection for client links
  • Image thumbnails for maximum convenience
  • Unlimited use of subdirectories within your client links
  • Shows a customizable title text (e.g. company name)
  • Leaves space for your logo or other image at the site title
  • Available in any color, just use a color picker to define your base-color.
  • Easy and comfortable in-browser setup, done in a minute!
  • Minimal and elegant design that leaves room for customization
  • HTML5 / CSS3 ready
  • No database required
  • jQuery animations
  • Video Tutorials explaining installation and use in detail!
  • Supported by all major browser and IE6+!
  • Usage

    Files 4 Clients Pro saves you a lot of time, here’s how it works:
    1. Upload your files by dragging them into the admin panel in the browser
    2. Review your files and change your files as you like
    3. Send the resulting list URL to your recipients

    Testimonials for Files 4 Client

    “I have used a few versions of file download management for clients and have had issues with all of them. This one is so simple that is just works. My main issue was that most scripts are not compatible with IE 8 or older, and it seemed my clients always had old browsers. This one worked like a charm! Hours and Hours of headaches have been erased.”– hobart “Great to finally have a script that does exactly what I’ve been needing for years!”– Simon Barker “First of all- THANK YOU! I have been looking for something like this for years. well done.”– Pixilate “I’ve gotten some feedback on your script already from some of our vendors, and they all love it.”– Anonymous

    Please Note:

    -Files 4 Client is not a replacement for a directory index per se, it is a tool that helps you transfering files by displaying them in a professional way. Please do not use it as a replacement of a conventional directory index! - The maximum filesize for uploads is limited by your server settings (uplolad_max_filesize, post_max_filesize, memory_limit)


    - Your server needs to be able to interpret and run .htaccess directives in order to run this script! - Your server needs to have sufficient rights to modify and delete files.

    Version History

  • v1.0.0 – Initial release