FlyOut - Fixed and Sticky Website Banner Positions

Maximize your advertising performance

FlyOut sticky website banners are ideal way to display your own or ad network banners. You can show HTML5m Flash or static image banners effectively and with style.

Packed with over avaliable 50 options

  • 14 predefined banner sizes
  • 7 predefined fixed banner positions
  • Eye catching visual effects
  • Custom options to fit your needs
  • Delayed banner display
  • See it in action

    Live preview demonstrates one of the standard banner dimension, which uses delayed display and some cool effects.

    Easy to use and customize

  • Clean design and commented code
  • Easy to customize to fit your design and color scheme
  • Made with pure CSS3 and HTML5
  • Easy to install and adjust
  • Lightweight and clear to understand code
  • If you like it, feel free to rate it – thank you

    Note: The item is made for static website. It’s not made as a plugin or module to be used as plug&play within CMS. Altough it can be easily integrated inside almoust any CMS, you will still need some basic html/css and probably server side language knowledge.