Followly - Social Networking Platform

Followly is a simple, easy and intuitive Social Network Platform. A social network allowing users to interact with each other by live chatting, sending messages, comments, like, share posts, and so much more.

Try the online demo using the following login details:
User: usermain
Pass: 123456
This user also is an administrator.


Like, Comment, Share:

Cards emerging:

Who is online:

Powerful search engine users and hashtags:

Notifications in real time:



Please leave us a message through this contact form and we will be glad to help!


Update V1.2 [7 August, 2014]
  • Fixed some errors.
  • Algorithm has been optimized to display the post on timeline profile and dashboard.
  • Now, “following” is no longer displayed in the timeline profiles, or the dashboard.
  • A “User Verified” loses this icon when your personal information changes.
  • Implemented the version 2.0 API facebook, for login with Facebook.
  • Now you can share post. The post to share, can be our or other users.
  • Now there are alerts in real time, each time a user has shared one of your post.