Gear HTML5 Audio Player

Sleek, Modern & Innovative: Gear HTML5 Audio Player. Showcase your music with style. Gear Player provides a never seen user interface that will engage everybody. It pushes HTML5 to its limits with smooth SVG animations, an unique Canvas equalizer and SoundCloud support.

Main features

  • Intuitive Interface
  • Responsive Design
  • Smooth SVG Animations
  • Canvas Equalizer
  • Shuffled Playback
  • Circular Trackbar
  • JSON Playlists
  • Docked Mini Player
  • SoundCloud Support
  • Randomized Colors
  • Endless Albums
  • Over 40 Options
  • Mobile friendly
  • Crafted with LESS
  • Demo page included
  • Credits

  • SoundManager2 by Schillmania
  • Greensock by Jack Doyle
  • Raphael.js by Dmitry Baranovskiy
  • Preload.js by Grant Skinner
  • jQuery Mousewheel by Brandon Aaron
  • jQuery Color Animations
  • Foundation Icon Fonts 3 by ZURB
  • Showcased Tracks

  • Overdrive For Metal Heads by ultrazonemusic
  • Asphalt by Bork
  • Road Star by soundroad
  • Monster Kill by Akoahi
  • Biker Crusade by Mihai Sorohan
  • Old School Alternative by cleanmindsounds
  • The Atomic Riff by yasiekk
  • Creative Commons SoundCloud Sets Audiotheque & Lost Sounds
  • Notes

    The showcased songs are not included in the download package.
    Disable HTTPS Everywhere to get SoundCloud working. A Webserver is required to run the Player.