Get File Uploader, cropper, sizes and image format


Get File is a plugin which aims to provide an easy way to upload images and other files from a form using AJAX.
In just 5 minutes, you will be able to configure this plugin to save the files selected by the user in your chosen folder using AJAX, without any type of page reloading.
For images you can set Get File for different sizes of the image obtained and placed in the desired folders, you can also activate the crop function, giving the user the possibility to make a cut of the uploaded image to a predefined or free frame and fully adapted for mobile devices.

Feature list

  • Lets you upload any type of file to your chosen folder via AJAX
  • Mobile ready
  • Bootstrap compatible
  • Lets you specify MIME file types allowed during file upload
  • Callback support to perform any any needed operations after a successful file upload
  • Deletes temporary files after a set time
  • Output file name can be a predefined or encrypted name, or the original file name
  • Error handling: If there is some problem, the callback will receive information for the appropriate handling of the error
  • If the uploaded file is an image, it allows the user to:
  • Crop the image with a friendly user interface
  • Resize the image to a predetermined size, optionally keeping the aspect ratio
  • Determine the output file format (jpg, gif or png) independently of the source image file format
  • Get several copies of the uploaded image in different sizes, allowing you to specify which folder each file must be saved to, and whether it must have any file name prefix
  • Documentation in English and Spanish

  • Changelog

    Version 1.0 (1/9/2014) - Initial version