Google Images - Unofficial API

  • PACKAGE INFO This PHP Script allows you to search into Google Images, show, save the resulting images and create thumbnails of the saved images, with just some lines of additional code. This WONDERFUL PHP Class work with Google Images to allows you EASILY to: - Search and Find Image URLs by Keywords - Immediately Print on Screen images found - Save these images on your Website ADDITIONAL FEATURES - Batch Search & Save: Start Multiple Searches at Once and Save all the resulting images with one single Call! - Parametrized Search: Work with Many Advanced parameters used by Google Images: Image Sizes, Image Colors, Image Types - Save Images & Creates Thumbnails: Create a size-customizable Thumbnail every time the API save an Image. Works with Batch Searches too! MY EFFORT FOR YOU - Versatile: Let the PHP Class do all the work, or just output an array of URLs and compute it in the way that fit your needs. - Easy to Use: You don’t need to mess with the Code. You just need some lines of PHP Code to make the script works fine! - Well Documented: You can watch the full documentation for this script, code examples and a visual demo! IN THIS .ZIP YOU WILL FIND 3 FOLDERS - “classes” : Contain the gimuapi.class.php file. It’s the only file you really need. Place where you want on your website. - “documentation” : Contain the Documentation for the script. - “examples” : Contain some practical example of the API behaviour. THAT’s THE PLAN - Look the “documentation” and the “examples” - When you understood and became confident with the script, copy the “classes” folder into your website or localhost - The other files are not needed to make this script works. If you need the documentation, keep them, otherwise you can delete them (i personally suggest to make a copy of the documentation for further use). - Include gimuapi.class.php on your PHP pages and start working with it. SUPPORT If you have problems regarding using the script, please contact me and I’ll help you. You can contact me on Codecanyon or via E-Mail: