HTML Builder (Front-End Version)

HTML Builder – a drag and drop builder for HTML pages!

HTML Builder is a nifty little Javascript application which allows end-users to easily compose custom HTML designs using pre-defined HTML elements. The HTML Builder script comes with several sample HTML elements (the ones as displayed in the live demo), however the script really shines when used with your own custom HTML elements! Custom elements are easily added, and the process is explained in the detail in the provided documentation (also found online here).

HTML Builder features

  • build custom HTML pages using predefined HTML elements
  • create your own custom HTML elements with ease
  • integrates seamlessly with CSS frameworks (like Bootstrap, Foundation, etc)
  • create multiple pages in one session
  • export the created pages (incl CSS, Javascript and images)
  • basic editing of written content (only available for non IE browsers)
  • beautiful add-on for HTML template authors!
  • Requirements

  • web server with PHP enabled (the export function requires PHP)
  • browser to access the script

    Are you an author selling HTML templates are you looking to provide your customers with an easy way to customise your products after purchasing it? HTML Builder makes integration with HTML templates extremely easy and your customer will the fact they can easily create their own custom pages using your designs!

    Themeforest authors who have purchased an extended license are allowed to bundle HTML Builder with their HTML templates!

    Change log

    v1.1 - 2014-08-06 - improved export function; now exports entire site including CSS, JS and images