InfinitySlider - jQuery Slider + CSS3 Animations

One Slider for your Excellent Website

Modern, Customizable, Clean, Fluid and Responsive. Responsive effects by default and fully compatible with Desktop, Notebook, Tablet, Smarphone, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari and Internet Explorer. What else you need? We have the Automatic Blur Effect for your images, the Cinematic Effect that allow you to animate your images.

Real Responsive Slider

Image Autofit is an awesome feature that allows you to responsive your images automatically by cutting its edges and resizing its sizes, to preserve a high definition on every device and create an awesome slider for desktop and mobile.

Infinity Slider Combinable Effects

  • FadeIN
  • ZoomIN, ZoomOUT
  • Slidetop, Slidebottom, Slideleft, Slideright
  • Slidetopscreen, Slidebottomscreen, Slideleftscreen, Sliderightscreen
  • Flipright, Flipleft, Fliptop, Flipbottom
  • Spinright, Spinleft

  • SEO Friendly

    InfinitySlider is a fully compatible slider with all the SEO Techniques and allows you to optimize all your Slider Content for the search engines.

    Infinity Slider Features

  • Super-Fluid CSS3 Effects & Transitions on Desktop & Mobile
  • You can select your Slide Times separately
  • You can select your Effect Times for each element
  • You can select your Delay Times for each element
  • You can select your IN/OUT/BACK Times for each element
  • HTML & CSS Content supported, you can add texts, images, videos, canvas, pricing tables, and all you want.
  • Fully Support of Video Embedding as Fullscreen or Boxed
  • Youtube & Vimeo API that stops the video if you change the slide
  • Image Autofit that allows you to select the subject position on the images
  • Cinematic Effect that allows you to make an animation-movement of the images
  • Blur Effect that allows you to make an automatic blur image from a normal one
  • Fully Cross-Browser Compatibility
  • Bootstrap 3 Integrated so you can use all the Bootstrap Elements inside the slide
  • Easy to integrate with other Frameworks
  • Font Awesome 4 Integrated
  • Fully Responsive
  • Play & Stop with the slide loader
  • Autoplay, you can active it to start your slide when the page is opened
  • Keyboard Navigation
  • Multi-Instances Slider allowed
  • Slider inside Slider is allowed, you can use a Fullwidth slider with a MacBook PNG and inside it another working slider
  • Changelog

    1.2 New: Slider with Full Screen Skin Touch Screen Navigation for mobile and desktop Now you can Select the Starter Slider Fixed: TextHole Resize bug is now fixed Updated the Documentation Fixed the Loopline Multi-Slider bug 1.1 New: Blur Variable Value: is now possible, you can choose the radius of blur iS-Hoverstop class is now available, you can add this class to an element to stop the “autoplay slide”. check the documentation to read more. Loader Function is a new function that allows you to cover the slider on loading fo page and images. check the documentation to read more. Fixed: TextHole is now selectable properly on Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox Skins improved with a better responsive and removed minor bugs Autoplay Slide will start when everything is loaded will stop if there is a video with VideoAutoPlay function Autoplay Video will start when the video is visible on the slider. Blur and Grayscale effects are now fully compatible with Internet Explorer 9 and can be combine, using canvas instead of svg this function will be faster, better and more compatible. 1.0 First Release


  • Font: Raleway
  • Preview Images: Anieto2k
  • Icon Fonts: Font Awesome