jqCombinator Combination Logic Handler

A jQuery plugin that handles your combination based logics. jqCombinator supports allowance logic (deciding which element is allowed is some of the elements are selected) by default. Use this plugin on price calculators, package builders, product configurators – on any custom stuff what contains entities with some allowance logics. Features: - easy setup for general logic - can be used on any type of elements: links, list items, table cells, divs, etc - ability to use more complex logic, grouped combinations, custom callbacks - almost everything is configurable but the default values are good for typical setups - setup your own CSS classes - define your combinations via HTML attributes, JS object or callback function! - compatible with jQuery 1.x and 2.x - user manual with examples – included in the download - well documented code + generated JSDoc documentation - linted and unit tested (40+ tests, 100% coverage) code - tested in FF, Chrome, IE11, IE10, IE9, IE8 NOTE: This is a jQuery plugin made for handling combination logic and custom events (callbacks). No themes are included. The full documentation with more examples and detailed explanations is included in the download. You can apply this plugin on almost any kind of element.