Jumper Jam - Mobile Android Game


Jumper Jam was build with Construct 2 and is optimized for Android. The goal is to come as high as possible. Players can compare their high scores via Google Play Games Leaderboard. Game has been made in cooperation with Fikri! All needed graphics are included (only .png files). If you want to edit or change graphics you need to buy the game asset from Fikri for 8$. So the game is completely ready to export to android! Updates included! If you have questions don’t hesitate to ask! Use the comment area please.


  • All graphics used in the game are included! (only .png)
  • Game has been made in cooperation with Fikri
  • Built in Portrait HD (720, 1280)
  • Game is optimized for Android (IOS is planned)
  • Optimized for Intel Crosswalk (Cordova)
  • Google Play Game Leaderboard and Achievements
  • Score will be restored from leaderboard
  • In-App Purchase store (earn money with perks, see more under Perks below)
  • 6 diffrent stages!
  • 9 diffrent player skins (with diffrent jump power)
  • AdMob Fullscreen ad after the 5. game over / banner ad function included, but disabled
  • All needed Phonegap Plugins are included and free, but we recommend some premium plugins, read more under Plugins
  • Perks

    The game comes along with a hintcounter, so you can collide a certain time with obstacles until the game ends. The player can increase this hitcounter by purchasing In-App Products for real money or in-game coins.
  • Set hitcounter to 5
  • Set hitcounter to 10
  • Set hitcounter to 20
  • Remove Ads
  • You need a Google Wallet Account to add IAP at your Play Account.


    The game comes in two versions. On the one hand with only free plugins and on the other hand with one premium plugin. Free
  • Phonegap Game (Google Play Games)
  • Phonegap IAP
  • Phonegap FacebookPB
  • Premium
  • Google Analytics
  • Powermanagement (keeps the screen awake)
  • Get the premium plugins here: https://www.scirra.com/forum/plugin-cordova-related-c2-plugins-crosswalk_t109586


    Buyers will find a support link in the package. If you have pre-sale questions use the comment area please.


  • First Release