MelonPoll - Super simple, beautiful poll creator

MelonPoll is designed to be simple and efficient. It offers secure polls that work well and can be shown in more than one way. It’s designed to give the easiest experience for a poll creator possible.
  • Easy to understand and edit config file
  • Included SQL for easy database setup
  • Built with CSS3 and HTML5
  • Beautiful polls
  • unlimited options
  • two ways of displaying polls (bars, pie chart)
  • optional poll expiry date
  • optional max. votes
  • configurable
  • built in double-vote protection
  • Easy and beautiful validation and error handling (server side)
  • All of this and even more in the future is available on any page you want with a single line of code and 2 minutes of configuration. If you have any questions or encounter any errors feel free to ask or tell me. Some future features are already partially included but are without functionality right now.