Num2Text Interface

With this premium class you can integrate to EgyFirst Num2Text API with ease. You shouldn’t care about the hard work on how to pass these parameters. Num2Text API allows you to convert any number2text in 10 languages, with accurate place values from the ones digit onward. For example $7431285.46 in English will be: seven million, four hundred and thirty-one thousand, two hundred and eighty-five dollars and forty-six cents

Full Customization

You can define font color and size, even you can determine unique color for currency identifiers. Arabic Support It supports Arabic language currency customization. You may use currencies like “??”, “?”, “??”, “????” and any other Arab currency. Thanks to function setArabicCurrency().

2 Format Output

output your string as string or even as image with ease. Image mode is useful for several additional benefits, it allows the appearance independent of character encoding used, in addition to providing the best security used in financial reports with no way to edit/modify the text output.

Language Selection

define your language with ease using the function translateNumber()

Currency Definition

define your currency with ease using the function setCurrency()

Easy Authentication

Authenticate your request with ease using the function setAPIKey() Simple Request send your request as simple as one line of code e.g. translateNumber($number, $language, $main_color, $id_color, $output_format, $font_image_size) ;