OpenHours - Highlight your Opening / Closing Hours

Highlight the opening/closing hours of your office’s timetable automatically. No PHP, No framework, No DB needed. Add OpenHours and parameters in your source. You’re done!

General Features

  • 12 / 24 hours systems
  • multiple time slots
  • GMT zones settings
  • handles list of ‘whole-day closed’ dates
  • style the dynamic classes to your needs
  • as simple as a plugin can be !
  • Easy setup

  • add classes to identify your day(s)
  • add data-params to set your time slots
  • that’s it. Really!
  • What’s new ?

  • v1.1 – you can now submit a list of ‘whole-day closed’ dates
  • Demo

    Check our demo! We use Bootstrap and standard table elements to display the timetable, but OpenHours can be plugged on any source code, really! A complete and easy documentation is provided to get you started in minutes!