PHP Dashboard v2.4 - Responsive/D3js/Highcharts/Highmaps

NEW VERSION 2.4 – KPI TILE LIBRARY, New KPI tile types include – Big Number, Big Percent, KPI w/ HS pie, KPI w/ HS basic line, KPI w/ HS stacked column.
Create beautiful responsive, themeable dashboards controlled by a single JSON string in PHP. This PHP dashboard script is very easy to use – simply initialize a PHP variable ($json) and include this script. All chart tiles and dashboard carousels are controlled by a single JSON string. Currently, dashboards can be made from any chart in the Highcharts ( library. This library is extensible to include other types of charts (for instance, Highstock, Highmaps, D3 js which are coming Soon!) Themeing is also configured (background image, font color, etc.) in the JSON string. This script also includes a code generator that automatically generates PHP scripts to render dashboards standalone.
VERSION 2.0 (8/6/2014) – Initial Version
   • Responsive
   • Themeable
   • JSON control
   • Extensible chart library architecture
   • Highcharts collection (
VERSION 2.1 (8/15/2014) – Adjustable tile sizes
   • Adjustable tile widths (Responsive – e.g. span1 thru span12) / heights (e.g. 300px)
   • Wide Format
VERSION 2.2 (8/23/2014) – U.S. Maps and all the states
   • Added U.S. Maps Collection to chart tile library (Highmaps)
VERSION 2.3 (9/25/2014) – D3 Visualizations
   • Added D3 Visualization Support ( Included in this latest version, bubble charts, chord diagrams, sunburst diagrams, parallel coordinates, calendar views (more to come…)
VERSION 2.4 (11/1/2014) – KPI (key performance indicator) Tile Library
   •Created KPI tile library. KP types include – Big Number, Big Percent, KPI w/ HS pie, KPI w/ HS basic line, KPI w/ HS stacked column (more to come…)
NOTE: this script requires you to license and download highcharts and highmaps .zip files (from and unzip root contents into the ./libs/highcharts and ./libs/highmaps folders, respectively. See installation instructions in documentation for more details.