PHP Email Queue Class (PHPEQ)

PHP Email Queue Class (PHPEQ) is a PHP class that is used to create and manage email queue using MYSQL database.
Instead of directly sending emails on the transactions, it is possible to insert email message to database using this class.
Emails can be processed later by setting up a cron job.
Example scripts are supplied.

Public Methods of the Queue Class

  • addMessage()
  • getEmailCount()
  • getEmails()
  • getTableName()
  • setConnectionDetails()
  • setMessageIsSent()
  • setTableName()
  • All class methods are commented.

  • Public Methods of the Message Class

  • getCategory()
  • getFromEmail()
  • getFromName()
  • getHeaders()
  • getId()
  • getIsSent()
  • getMessageHtml()
  • getMessagePlainText()
  • getSerializedHeaders()
  • getSubject()
  • getTimestampCreated()
  • getTimestampSent()
  • getToEmail()
  • getToName()
  • setCategory()
  • setFromEmail()
  • setFromName()
  • setHeaders()
  • setId()
  • setIsSent()
  • setMessageHtml()
  • setMessagePlainText()
  • setSubject()
  • setTimestampCreated()
  • setTimestampSent()
  • setToEmail()
  • All class methods are commented.
  • Documentation

    PHP Email Queue Class (PHPEQ) comes with full documentation.
    From the installation to the usage you will feel like home.
    Online documentation is also available.

    Class Requirements

  • PHP 5.2 and above
  • MySQL 5.0 and above
  • Change Log

  • first release.
  • Support

    If you have a bug report or an improvement idea, feel free to comment about it.
    I will try my best to provide you a good support.
    I would also appreciate if you have time to review or rate the class too!