Progress Wheel for Windows Forms

This is Progress Wheel control. Fancy, fresh, stylish, progress control that will enrich the application and will move the User Interface as well as User Experience for desktop applications on a hole new level. Thanks to the GDI+ and a ton of adjustable properties, almost every type of ProgressWheel control can be achieved with only few adjustments. List with all Class Memebers can be found below. Detailed description about every memeber is included in the main package.     Name   Version   ProgressWheel   AddBaseCircleInnerShadow   BackgroundRingColor   BackgroundRingThickness   BaseCircleColor   BaseRingColor   BaseRingThickness   Clockwise   InnerShadowFocalPoint   Maximum   Minimum   PrimaryText   PrimaryTextColor   PrimaryTextFont   ProgressRingColor   ProgressRingThickness   SecondaryText   SecondaryTextColor   SecondaryTextFont   SecondaryTextOffsetY   ShowBaseRing   ShowPrimaryText   ShowSecondaryText   Unit   Value   ValueChanged