Project Pro - Project Management System

Project Pro was created because we needed a better way to run our own business and existing software was either too basic or too confusing. Project Pro is practical software that gets you organised so that you can reduce unnecessary meetings and simply Get Things Done. By using Project Pro, your team will be organised, your clients will be impressed and your business will take off. Using Project Pro, your team will know what they have to do, when it must be done and who needs to do it. They’ll know exactly where to look to find and store everything they need. And so will your clients. Whether it’s the head office or your latest lead, your clients can keep up-to-date with what’s going on without having to bug you—something you’ll both feel better about. Your team can do their work where they need to be; it doesn’t matter if that’s in a workshop, a meeting room or sitting at their desk. Once you try Project Pro, you won’t know how you ever managed without it. Version : Beta Base Technology Features: -Mvc 5 (Code First) -Bootstrap Design -Jquery DataTable Installation: -Extract Downloaded zip file -Rebuild It -Change Connection String -Run Migration ‘Update-database’ on nuget console manager -Your application ready to use Video Demo Url: Online Demo: Username: Admin Password: Admin