Quotes to Pin - Make Images From Text to Pinterest

Quotes to Pin lets you quickly convert any quote or text into a viral image, which you can then share on pinterest. Just select a background, input text, press “generate image” and watch your quote (any text) turn into a stunning image. The conveniently located pinterest pin it button lets you and/or your website users quickly pin the generated result on pinterest for viral sharing. Features: • Quickly generate many viral images from text • When a user creates an image, your brand or website name is included in the image • Pin it button near the generated image for easy viral sharing. • When a user pins an image, the pin description is pre-filled with user generated text • 29 pre-installed background templates included On the front end, users have the following options by default: 1. Choose a background image (Background images are available based on the background images you’ve place in assets/backdrop/) 2. Input big text or dropped capital 3. Input authors name in the “author” feild. 4. Input a quote 5. Pin the generated quote image to pinterest From the back end, you can change the following options: 1. Background images. You can include as many background images as you like, but background images must be .png to work. (*note : the final generated image can be .png or .jpg) 2. Font family. You can use the same or a different font family for each text input field. 3. Font size: choose any font size you desire. 4. Font color: choose any font color you’d like 5. Font position. Position text fields anywhere you see fit. 6. Font rotation. Rotate text fields as desired. 7. Add one or multiple special effects to the image. 8. Stacking order; the order in which text fields are layered