Responsive Online Store with Paypal Shopping Cart

Quite simply the EASIEST and FASTEST way to create your own online store using Paypal payments. Inventory, site settings, images are all controlled using a Google Spreadsheet document. And everything updates instantly when you do changes to the spreadsheet. There is absolutely nothing else out there like it. This is a one of a kind unique solution for people who want to simply start selling online quickly and no fuss. Edit a SINGLE line in index.html to get started.
  • 100% responsive built using Bootstrap 3 and AngularJS
  • No need for PHP, mySQL databases or CSV or any database files
  • Site content entirely controlled using your own Google Docs spreadsheet hosted on your own Google Drive account (FREE!)
  • To change anything, just change it right in your Google Docs file and it’ll update instantly
  • Works with any web hosting company such as Hostgator, Dreamhost, Godaddy, Bluehost, DigitalOcean, and all the others
  • Extremely fast to load and blazing easy to use for your visitors
  • You can check out a LIVE DEMO at Please also check out the video detailing everything at Youtube Video Please note that you will have to take care of sending the customer the items yourself. Such as digital files or physical goods. This web app does not manage your inventory or handle sending files to customers. TO GET STARTED:
    1. Unzip files
    2. Create your spreadsheet on Google Docs by IMPORTING the enclosed spreadsheet file (Import_to_Google_Drive.ods) to Google Docs
    3. Publish your Google Docs and get the URL on publish pop-up
    4. Edit index.html file to put in the link to your Google spreadsheet.
    5. That’s it.
    6. Go back to the Google Docs and edit the content to add your own items and paypal address. Everything now is done only through Google docs. You dont have to touch the files again.
    Tips and Tricks
    1. Read the PDF in the zip file for quick start guide
    2. You can create multiple tabs on Google Docs for different stores and just reference the name of SHEET in the index.html file. So just duplicate a sheet and edit the content to quickly create multiple stores in minutes.
    3. You can change the look of site easily by editing the html file.
    4. You can add additional fields in Google spreadsheet and show it on site. But please add new fields to HTML file as well. You can watch video to see how to do that