Security,Tracking File Hosting/Website - BAWatcher

Why do you use FILEWATCHER Script?

BAWatcher – FileWatcher weighing less than 300KB. No dependencies or platform specific code. Works everywhere. Monitors changes in the filesystem by polling. No database needed to run. When running BAWatcher – FileWatcher from the command line, you specify which files to monitor and what action to perform on updates.

Main Features

  • Email when New, Delete, Update any files on your website, your server
  • No dependencies or platform specific code
  • No database needed to run
  • Support SMTP Mailling
  • Security Password in URL when running
  • Working with cronjob, Commandline
  • Run demanded by your schedule
  • Can config forders for tracking files.
  • Support Exclude Forders, Exclude Files while tracking.
  • Our Customize

    How to Use

  • Upload all source in upload directory to your hosing
  • Open config.php in source, config some information for your hosting
  • In your hosting, run our script with your URL like:
  • Or or from CLI: php example.php
  • If you config password in config.php, you should run our script with URLs with Password, like: