SmartWave - jQuery Content Carousel Plugin

SmartWave is a smart content carousel plugin with a lot of great and unique features! Along with smooth CSS3 hardware-accelerated scroll, retina-ready controls and ability to work in almost any browser, with this plugin you also get following great features – ability to rotate items in perspective by any degree, scroll-dependent rotation, intelligent resize, lazy loading of images for items and finally two scroll modes. SmartWave also can recognize user interaction with carousel items on desktop (mouse hover) or touchscreen (tap) by providing corresponding helper classes and callbacks. This will help you incorporate various CSS3 animations into items and be sure they will execute on any device! Also SmartWave comes with 5 pixel perfect skins for your quick start!
  • Fully responsive & Mobile friendly
  • Fast CSS3 transitions with jQuery fallback
  • Retina-ready controls
  • Item rotation in perspective by any degree
  • Adjustable number of visible items and their size
  • Swipe speed aware scroll
  • “Snap” scroll mode (one-by-one or visible items)
  • Lazy loading for images to speed-up your site!
  • Unlimited carousel items with any content
  • Fixed or dynamic height for carousel items
  • Support for swipe, drag, mousewheel and keyboard controls
  • Smart detection of user interaction with carousel items
  • Autoplay with circular progress indicator
  • API, callbacks and helper classes
  • Detailed documentation
  • Easy installation
  • Works on iOS/Android mobile devices
  • jsHint compliant JS code & Valid markup
  • BONUS! 5 pixel-perfect skins for your quick start!

  • CREDITS & SOURCES Photo in header of preview page is by “55Laney69” on Flickr