Smarty - amazon affiliate PHP script

Instalation guide: Smarty documentation
Live demo: Smarty live
Admin demo (Created with Bootstrap): Smarty admin panel
Admin username: smartyuser
Admin password: smartypassword

Update 1.6:

  • Completely changed Admin panel (New one is created with Bootstrap)
  • Advanced CKE editor (Admin can add text, HTML, images, youtube videos, iframes and much more to articles and reviews…)
  • Admin can send generated HTML messages (mails) to all subscribers with CKE editor
  • Statistics with graphic display (Visits by countries, cities, last months and last days)
  • Facebook comments to blog instead of website comments
  • Update 1.5:

  • Alertify.js included in backend and frontend – much pretier alert boxes
  • Update 1.4:

    Admin panel:
  • Manage blog comments (aprove and delete)
  • Frontend page:
  • Comments at blog articles
  • Update 1.3:

    Admin panel:
  • Fix some php and mysql bugs
  • Ability to create urls withouth parameters – SEO friendly
  • Ability to change number of products on the main page from 3 to 8
  • Three new languages (five total):
  • English
  • German
  • Italian
  • Portuguese
  • Spanish
  • Update 1.2:

    Frontend page:
  • Newsleter
  • Admin panel:
  • Mailing list page with subscribers emails, date of subscription and location (city, region, country) based on their Ip adress.
  • Update 1.1:

  • Search bar with search navigation
  • Admin can choose language of website (English and spanish for now)
  • Overal rating in every product page
  • Facebook and twitter account connected to frontend page
  • Basic description:

    Smarty is an PHP script for creating affiliate web sites which allows you to create product reviews websites with blog. There is an admin panel where you can upload, edit and delete amazon products, sort products in categories and brands and also edit and delete all of those.
    Big focus is on SEO, so you have possibility to edit urls, title and meta tags for any of your website page and you will get well structured website with navigation links, breadcrumbs and so on. You can create blog with Smarty, and there is option to connect every blog article with your external profile (ex:google+). You can also change font or color of your website according to your needs. Smarty creates responsive and mobile optimized websites with very good load speed on every browser and device.
    One of the best features of Smarty is that products are automatically sorted by date of publishing and by rating, and you can easily manipulate what product will be on the top of the page by giving some rating to that product.
    Try our script (Frontend part) on mobile devices to check responsiveness and load speed.

    Main features (Frontend):

  • Well structured and connected products
  • Products sort by ratings (Admin choose rating for every product)
  • Products sort by last reviews
  • Products sort by categories and brands
  • 5 languages
  • Blog connected with your external profile
  • 11 basic and 6 webfonts
  • SEO optimized
  • Superb speed and look on mobile device
  • 13 colors for website
  • Responsiveness and load speed on every devices
  • Visitors subscription with country and city geolocation
  • Fancy alerts with alertify.js
  • Main features (Admin):

  • Very easy user interface with explanation
  • Ability to create, edit and delete categories and brands
  • Wysiwyg editor
  • Ability to create, edit and delete products and put it to the category and brand that fit in
  • Ability to change colors of website
  • Ability to change fonts of website
  • Ability to change site name, site logo, site email
  • Ability to create and manage your blog and connect it to your profile
  • Manage blog comments
  • Mailing list with subscribers (email, city and country)
  • Ability to edit navigation link names and urls according to your needs
  • Big control of SEO of every page (urls, title tags, meta tags, images)
  • So, bassically purpose of Smarty script is to make user easier to create an amazon affiliate website with all SEO features that website like this must have.

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