Snap Cam - Viral Social Photos

This script allows you to create a community of shots from your webcam on your computer and load them, see them, and share in the most social networks.
A graphic responsive, you can allow your users to do the photographs of their faces, body, smiles, their pets, and much more, the ideas are endless. it is possible to share the various images easily and viral.


  • 2 Different Home Page
  • (1) Classical with the possibility to enter into the various images
    (2) Pretty much the same, but the images start with fancybox popup and there is a magazine pages.
  • Login with Facebook
  • Share in social networks
  • Graphic responsive
  • 4 different languages
  • Admin area to delete photos

    User: codecanyon
    Pass: admin123
    Will be implemented in the future other features, such as the effects to webcam, new templates, new languages and more.