Social Story Sharing Script - StoryRaven+

Social story sharing or publishing yummy-ness!

Short stories, personal experiences, coding demo, recipes, regular blogs, reviews, rants… anything!

An absolute fun to own!!!

Read on to know the reason of yummy-nessssss…......

How about a test-drive?

Awesome! Here is the link:
For administration:
Username : random
Password : Random1234
For user demo You can sign up and play around! by visiting this link: . Incase, laziness strikes or spinner keeps spinning, use:
Username : story
Password : story and documentation is here:


Why story board, why not a blogging platform?

Blogs are over-done! And… you can make anything using modern CMS but a decent blog! Everything is bloated and there is no beautiful way to describe your daily experiences or thoughts. StoryRaven+ is ‘dedicated’ to share your stories. You can use it like a blog and play solo and when you need, make it public with just 2 clicks of mouse!

What do I need?

You need a server to host the script, StoryRaven+ is designed to work with shared hosting and also virtual private hosting.
We encourage you to white-label the software once you start using it. It can be customized via System Settings from the dashboard.

I can write wonderful stories. What about spreading the word?

StoryRaven+ is optimized to spread under “related articles” for any related article which is shared on social networks! Search engines know the structure it has been built upon so there is no need to hire an SEO or SMO services. As you write, it grows and as it grows, it will optimize to rank itself.

It looks similar to, is it a clone?

No! However, we take inspiration from anything and everything. is one of our inspiration and so is Ghost and hubpages.

Can I monetize on this?

StoryRaven+ comes with an option to manage ads or if left blank, it disables it completely. You can put your own ads or can leave it blank, it is optional.

Can I follow / unfollow authors?

StoryRaven+ comes with various choices about how you wish to collaborate. You can play solo, invite other authors or simply keep it public. It is recommended to keep it open for public so that authors can register on your website and thus activate all social features.

Why don’t I see a captcha anywhere on the demo?

StoryRaven+ takes security seriously but also knows that militarizing the website is not a nice way to treat users where they have to prove themselves as humans. We use honeypots to prevent bots and various measures to differentiate between a bot and a human. It is packed with invisible shield to protect your website.

Technical: Can I use SMTP?

StoryRaven+ allows you to use SMTP. It is designed to work with SMTP + Sendmail. By default it will consider non-ssl unless you specify ssl:// before your host name.

Technical: Can I do Google Analytics?

StoryRaven+ allows you to add custom CSS and JS which forces at the footer (right before the closing body tag) so that you can over-ride any styling or script, or just add a tracking!

Technical: What is the minimum PHP version required?

To keep it long lasting and robust, we made it to support newer versions of PHP only. Minimum is PHP 5.4 but we recommend that you use updated version like 5.5 or 5.6.
PS:We have kept the site unguarded but monitored, so that you can really test drive and love it yourself.

What happens when I need help?

Contact us via our code canyon page or email us with your purchase code – email address is provided on documentation page. We will respond within 24 hours.