SoundCloud to MP3 - Viral Social Share Reward

SoundCloud to MP3 – Viral Social Share Reward

Through this script visitors can access, listen, embed and download all there favorite tracks and creations from
Visitors can also generate HTML5 mp3 players just by a given soundcloud link (no upload and Ultra fast) No mp3 or temp files are stored on you server.
This script extremely light weight.
Your vistitors will love this, because almost everybody loves music!
This free music services attracts a lot of people again and again, on top of this you make them very curious what’s behind the hidden content!
Really they just can’t wait to tweet, like or give a G+ to see what you have hidden for them.
Make sure that the Reward is useful, if you do they will come back and do it again the next time!
Remember 1 person can easily have 200+ friends!!!


- Verry Easy to install your site is up in just a few minutes.
You just need to edit set-config.php to run this script.
It’s also verry Easy to monetize, sell ads, sell your products or affiliate offers, share freeware etc.
- Smoot design build on bootstrap 3
- No MySQL no database setup No SoundCloud account No api key
- Ultra fast SoundCloud 2 MP3
- Embed code for HTML5 player
- MP3 Download on (TOS modal) one click
- 300+ share options (addthis)
- Reward social share gate (for hidden content)
- SoundCloud art player preview
- Tos modal and small info modals on the slider
- 2 Adspots for 1 or more banners and or text, affiliate links or affiliate offers etc. Google adsens is Not recomended!
The install documentation is also included in the zip file


You can use a plain text editor “notepad” or notepad++ to edit these files!
1 – Open set-config.php and fill out your site name, site url and (optional) your own addthis pub key
(Addthis is also FREE)
2 – open add1.php and add1.php paste your ad codes affiliate offers and or text or links.
3 – open reward-content.php and put in your free goodies to reward your visitors for tweets likes G+1
4 – upload al files in or the folder soundcloud/ to your domain subdomain OR subfolder rename the folder.
Done thats al… visit your site and enjoy


No special requirements.