Unequal Match - Snakes and Ladders

About the Game:

Unequal Match – HTML5 Game
This snake and ladder game has two characters: turtle and rabbit! The rules are same as other similar games, but there are two modes. In Paper mode, everything is similar to how you play this game on a board. You decide the order in which characters take turn, roll the dice, and then move your character according to dice’s number. But in Normal mode, the game shows you which character’s turn is and you have to move that character. If you move it to wrong tile or other similar errors, it will show you a message and tells you where that character should be. Also it will automatically move up from ladders or goes down when stepped on a snake.

How to Play:

You can play this game with mouse or touch in mobile devices.


» Two modes: Normal Mode and Paper Mode
» Easy to personalize the game’s appearance
» Easy to personalize the game’s sounds
» touch support
» Auto-resize (responsive)
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