uVibes Music Maker

uVibes is a HTML5 music maker. You can use it to compose melodies and share your musical ideas. Features:
- 2 skins included
- customizable skins and samples
- no jQuery or countless DOM elements, uVibes is a pure canvas based plugin
- install with 2 lines of HTML
- source code included
- no database requried, the track is stored in the URL itself Version 1.1 update:
- Chords are now supported (up to 4 tones per bar).
- Note: version 1.1 produces longer URLs and the URL data is incompatible between the two versions. Version 1.0 is included in the download. You can find version 1.0 preview at http://pulzed.com/demo/uvibes/ . Works best with Chrome or Opera. Requires a browser with OGG support to work. Libraries used:
- lz-string ( http://pieroxy.net/blog/pages/lz-string/index.html )
- query-string ( https://github.com/sindresorhus/query-string )