Vitubo Shop For Vitubo CMS


Vitubo Shop is a plugin of Vitubo which gives you the ability to quickly add an online shop with a simple functional shopping cart into your Vitubo website. With this plugin you can specify tax and currencies for different countries. Vitubo Shop can be flexibility switched between selling and displaying products (catalogue only). Vitubo Shop is a perfect solution for medium and small shops.


  • Demo Backend
  • Account: admin/admin

  • Frontend
  • Demo Frontend
  • Features

  • Easy to Install
  • Fully Responsive
  • PayPal Payment Standards
  • Unlimited products & categories
  • Support for multiple currencies
  • Easy One Click Checkout
  • Checkout without Account
  • Tax and Shipping
  • Email templates
  • Order management
  • Customer management
  • SEO-friendly URLs
  • Many widgets: cart, hot|new|featured products, search
  • Installation

    To install, please follow these step below. 1. Copy following directories to your Vitubo CMS source,
  • source/plugins/shop to /your-website/plugins/
  • source/themes/aphrodite/shop to /your-website/themes/aphrodite/
  • source/themes/aphrodite/widgets/shop_cart to /your-website/themes/aphrodite/widgets/
  • source/themes/aphrodite/widgets/shop_category to /your-website/themes/aphrodite/widgets/
  • source/themes/aphrodite/widgets/shop_product_features to /your-website/themes/aphrodite/widgets/
  • source/themes/aphrodite/widgets/shop_product_hot to /your-website/themes/aphrodite/widgets/
  • source/themes/aphrodite/widgets/shop_product_new to /your-website/themes/aphrodite/widgets/
  • source/themes/aphrodite/widgets/shop_search to /your-website/themes/aphrodite/widgets/
  • 2. Login Vitubo CMS admin site with admin account.
    3. Click “Plugins” item on admin menu, find “Shop” plugin and click “Activate” button.
    4. Go to Configuration -> Settings -> Shop settings, then config your shop.
    Finished, enjoy it.


  • Vitubo CMS 1.3+
  • Changelog

    Shop Plugin For Vitubo CMS v1.0 2014-09-25 ------------------------------ - first release.