Vkeyboard Plugin

Vkeyboard is jquery plugin which creates virtual Keyboard
Pack contains 4 color designs.No image is used
This virtual keyboard only appears to laptop and pc users.It doesn’t generate keyboard for mobile and tablet so no conflict with them
It works with all major browsers including ie8
Readme file is included for instruction how to add plugin in 3 simple steps.
It contains Special characters like ‘È’,’É’,’Ê’,’Ë’,’Ý’,’Ÿ’,’Ù’,’Ú’,’Û’,’Ãœ’,’ÃŒ’,’Í’,’ÃŽ’,’Ï’,’Ã’’,’Ó’,’Ô’,’Õ’,’Ö’,’O’,’Ø’,’Þ’,’À’,’Á’,’Â’,’Ã’,’Ä’,’Ã…’,’Æ’,’Å ’,’Ð’,’Ž’,’Ç’,’Ñ’,ç,ð,Å¡,ž,£,€ etc.