vSoon - Responsive Coming Soon With Countdown

WordPress version available, contact me for details vSoon is a responsive coming soon app that includes the ability to add your own responsive screenshots into the banner as well as engage your audience through social networks and newsletters and allows you to set a countdown timer In order to make it as lightweight as possible the admin system doesn’t require a database, sensitive information is set in the config file, but non sensitive information can be set in the admin backend.


  • Responsive design
  • Countdown timer
  • Campaign Monitor and MailChimp support
  • page2images support (for generating responsive screenshots)
  • No database required
  • Add links to many popular social networks
  • Every text element customisable in admin area
  • Detailed guide to setting up Campaign Monitor, MailChimp and page2images support
  • PSD included
  • Demo

    To login to the admin area the “Get Updates” section is used, simply enter “admin” for name and “password” for email address. Screenshot generation is done by either ftp-ing manually created images with the names iphone.jpg, imac.jpg, ipad.jpg and macbook.jpg to /vsoon/uploaded/ allowing you to use any image you want or even mockups of a new site provided by your designers, or automatically by creating a free account with page2images, if no images are uploaded or generated a default image is used.

    Installation Instructions

    1. Extract files from zip
    2. Go to /vsoon/application/config/config.php
    3. Set username to login to admin system
    4. Set password to login to admin system
    5. Set email address you want signups to go to (if not using Campaign Monitor or MailChimp)
    6. (optional) Set page2images API key – see here for finding the details needed
    7. (optional) Set Campaign Monitor details – see here for finding the details needed
    8. (optional) Set MailChimp details – see here for finding the details needed
    9. Nothing else needs to be changed
    10. Upload index.php and vsoon folder
    11. Done
    In general you can either put the files in the root or upload the whole folder, the folder can even be installed into a subfolder, it’s completely up to you


    We have tried to keep requirements to a minimum, the urls don’t use any url rewriting, this should ensure it will work on any HTTPD without any extra configuration
  • PHP 5+
  • cURL (only if using page2images integration for screenshtots)
  • Any HTTP daemon (nginx/apache/lighttpd, it should even run fine from PHP 5.4’s built in daemon, though that is not recommended)