warehouse management system

php web application for warehouse management system whose primary goal is to manage the movement and storage of products within a warehouse, that help to manage all products purchase and sales from anywhere means that any web browser can be a tool to use the application through the internet, this application can manage quantity, payments, invoices…etc can manage also suppliers, clients, users, managers Key Features: • products Management. • Invoice maker. • product Image Upload. • Categories. • quantity balance calculation. • total payment calculation • Fully responsive design. • easy installation process. • Simple but beautiful user interface. • User permissions Management. • Supplier Management. • clients management • validate forms before insert informations • password_hash system. Modules: 1. product Module 2. Invoice Module 3. Login Module 4. category Module 5. User Module 6. Supplier Module 7. client Module 8. company Module User Roles: 1. Admin 2. manager 3. User