xRace PRO - Create Your Own Browser Game

xRace PRO – Create Your Own Browser Game

xRace PRO is a browser based game that is developed with the latest web technologies. xRace PRO is multifunctional script and you can create your own web browser game to your liking, because it has many options and settings by which to modify and create your desired browser game. Also one of the important features of xRace PRO is that you can earn real money through the integrated paid services and advertising in the game – just invest as purchase it here and create your own game from which to make money. In the game the users receive a free car and driver to be able to start his career in the game. The racers can buy cars and parts to them and their every car can have one driver. Users have the opportunity to go to work in the game to earn extra money with which to upgrade their cars with more powerful parts or to buy new cars and drivers for them. Cars exterior and interior models are only for demonstration and are not included in the script.


  • Races – Users can race with other users
  • Cars (3D) – The cars have 3D Exterior & Interior function
  • Drivers – Every car have driver
  • Parts – Many part upgrades for the cars
  • Jobs – The users can work for extra money and gold
  • Teams – Users can create their own teams & join other teams
  • Deposit Box – Users can protect their money in the Deposit Box
  • Leaderboard – All users and teams will be showed on the leaderboard
  • Resources – Users can pay real money to use the paid services (resources) like Money Packs, Gold Packs, Fuel Refill & VIP Status
  • Live Chat – Users can chat with other users in real time
  • Contact Form – Users can contact with site owner’s
  • Friends System – Users can add other users as friends
  • Latest Races – On every user’s page are showed latest 10 races
  • PM System – Users can send private messages to other users
  • Levels System – Every level is based on minimum races, which the user must have to be that level
  • Online Users System – This system detects the users which are online
  • Vote System – Users can vote for other users
  • Screenshots System – Unregistered visitors can see the game from the screenshots
  • Newsletter System – The administrators can send mails to all users
  • Responsive Design with Bootstrap 3
  • Multi Language System – The game could be translated in many different languages
  • Ads System – You can earn money from ads in the site
  • PayPal Integration – You can earn money from the paid services in the game
  • SEO Optimized – Can be easily found on the web
  • Easy Installation and Setup – The installation is very easy with only a few steps
  • Advanced Administration System – You can manage the whole game from the Admin Panel
  • Ban System (IP Adress / Username) + Redirect Option
  • Security System – Protection from hackers and cheaters
  • Dashboard + Stats System
  • Cool Visual Effects and Animations in the game
  • Well Documented
  • Nice UI (User Interface)
  • and many more…


  • PHP 5.x or higher version
  • MySQL 4.x or higher version
  • CRON Jobs
  • .htaccess Rewrite Engine
  • Installation

    1. Upload all files from the Source folder on the host via FileZilla
    2. Configure the config.php file to connect with your MySQL Database
    3. Import the SQL.sql file from the SQL folder in your MySQL Database
    4. Configure the Game Settings via the Admin Panel
    5. Make these folders and their subfolders with CHMod Permissions 777:
  • images/ – And all subfolders
  • languages/
  • Check the demo

    Site: http://antonov-web.eu/demos/xRace-PRO
    Admin Panel: http://antonov-web.eu/demos/xRace-PRO/admin
    Username: demo
    Password: demo
    Please note that more of the functions in the demo version are disabled due to security reasons. Cars exterior and interior models are only for demonstration and are not included in the script.